• Before commissioning the Native Museum of Homolje, make a schedule in terms of the workflow organization and the engagement of the required number of workers in the conditions of application of necessary protection measures;
  • Engage a minimum (only necessary) number of workers in all positions;
  • If possible, form two or more teams (shifts) that will take turns in terms of the physical arrival at work, in addition to organizing work from home (electronic browser tracking and ordering user books from home, etc.);
  • Provide the required amount of prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfectants;
  • Plan and mark corridors for the movement of the visitors and the employees;
  • It is mandatory for the employees to wear personal protective equipment during their stay in the room where other persons are staying, but also when they come in contact with the visitors or other objects used. The personal protective equipment includes masks, gloves, and in cases of direct work with the users or the procurers, it is preferable to wear glasses and/or visors;
  • Adhere to measures of social distancing (distance of two meters) when it comes to either the employees or the visitors, except in the case of the need to hand over or take over goods and materials within the work process (keep to a minimum closer contact than stated with strict protection measures – PPE);
  • Align the number of the employees and visitors of the Native Museum of Homolje with the available work and handling surface, taking into consideration the rule of social distancing, except in the case of the previously mentioned handover/takeover;
  • Provide a sufficient amount of disinfectants for the disinfection of hands, and the work and handling surfaces;
  • Disinfect the work and handling surfaces at least every two working hours, and thoroughly clean and disinfect at the end of the working time. Those surfaces which come in contact with users (the front door, the reception desk) to disinfect every hour or more often;
  • On the website of the Native Museum of Homolje, as well as on the front door of the Museum, specify the rules of conduct for users in terms of the application of measures;
  • The entrance of the visitors to the Native Museum of Homolje has to be controlled by the employees at the front door. A user will be allowed to enter only if he/she possesses personal protective equipment and with the control of the number of users in the Museum;
  • Place a sponge or cloth well soaked in disinfectant at the front door (a disinfection barrier);
  • At the front door, provide a dozer or spray bottle filled with disinfectant to disinfect users’ hands (gloves);
  • Avoid the intersection of the user corridors with the employee routes;
  • Minimize the level of physical contact (direct or indirect) between the visitors and the employees of the Native Museum of Homolje.

                                                                                                     Thank you for your understanding


In Žagubica, 10 May 2020.                                                                   The Director

                                                                                                                 Saša Ilić

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