The Church of Saint George or The Ribare Church called “Šupljaja”

The Church of Saint George is located in Ribare, a village on the territory of Žagubica, and it represents a cultural-historical memorial of Homolje. It is 1.5 km away from the center of Ribare. In order to get to the church, one has to take the macadam road which is in great condition. It was built near the mouth of the river in Osanica that flows into the Mlava River on pastures called “Šupljaja” ('The Hollow').

According to tradition, the church is the endowment of Princess Milica. The legend says that after Prince Lazarus was killed in the Battle of Kosovo, Princess Milica was passing through this part of the village and stopped to express her sorrow by saying that her heart was ‘hollow’ due to her loss. Therefore, she requested to build a church on that spot. That is how that part of the village got its name. The locals, besides this region, call the Church of Saint George by that name as well. The present church was built on the foundations of the old church that was demolished during the reign of the Turks. The construction of the church began in 1928 by the master-builder Ilija Tejić from Ribare. The church is built of hard material. It has two entrances – the main entrance is on the west side, while the secondary is on the south side. A local, Josif Gligorijević, made the iconostasis of the church out of wood, and although it is carved it is not woodcut. The bell tower is outside the church. The church possesses all the necessary relics and liturgical books. This church celebrates the day of Saint George, namely, it celebrates ‘slava’ on that day, on the 6th of May. In the vicinity of the church, there are several smaller wells known as the wells of Saint George. The water from these wells is believed to be healing. The nature surrounding this temple is a remedy for both the eyes and the soul. All the residents of Homolje, especially those from Ribare, are proud of their church and visit it on a regular basis. Due to the distinctly beautiful natural environment, there is potential for developing excursion tourism. Near the church, there are two rivers rich in fish, thus one can always find some fishermen in this area.

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