Belosavac spring

Belosavac spring arises from the limestone section of Tugava (449 m). The altitude of the place where the spring arises is 290 m. It resembles an irregularly shaped lake. The location of Belosavac spring is about 2,5 km west of Žagubica.

Its water is clean and crystal clear. It is rarely muddy and quite stable. Because of that, the spring is detained and is now used for the water supply of two villages, namely Žagubica and Suvi Do. Furthermore, Belosavac is used for the trout ponds in the vicinity. Since it is close to Žagubica and it has a splendid nature that surrounds it, the spring represents a potential tourist attraction. However, in order to achieve that potential, it is required to pay more attention to its organization and maintenance.

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