"My Dear – Children’s Toys from Prehistory until Today"

The story of childhood and children’s toys according to the concept of Suzana Antić, an ethnologist from the National Museum in Zaječar, was realized by the museum experts of various profiles (archeologists, art historians, and ethnologists), starting from their point of view which resulted with a joint exhibition called My Dear – Children’s Toys from Prehistory until Today.

Due to the cooperation of the National Museum in Zaječar with the museum institutions in Knjaževac, Jagodina, Požarevac, Negotin, and Sremska Mitrovica, a group of authors could present their inspiring and professional stories about childhood and children’s toys by the means of a selection of exhibits. They used anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figurines from prehistoric times, rattles, dolls, miniature figures of animals and play dices from ancient times, in order to signify, among other things, the texture and the possibility for processing the natural materials – soil, stone, wood, bones, and metal. On the other hand, the exhibited traditional toys from the domain of folk culture (different toys made with pottery skills and by wood processing, and handmade cloth dolls) bring us back to the previous times when the toys of Tito’s pioneers made of different materials were popular.

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