The exhibition by Vesna Maksić and Zoran Stojanović Pepe

Vesna Maksić and Zoran Stojanović Pepe, members of the Association of Artists from Petrovac na Mlavi, opened their exhibition on Wednesday, the 6th of March, in the Native Museum of Homolje.

The exhibition consists of two different art forms presented by the means of two different visual media. Namely, the first artist stands for a creative craftsman of elegant forms of universal meaning. The second artist represents the extreme individual artistic creation.

The artistic interpretations of the authors were also presented by Marija Aleksić, a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Homolje, who was the one that opened the exhibition. The guests, authors, and visitors were addressed by Saša Ilić, the Museum’s director, who held a speech on that occasion.

This setting in the Native Museum of Homolje in Žagubica will be available for visitors for a month, from 8 am to 3 pm on weekdays.

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