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The expert meeting at the Native Museum of Homolje in Žagubica

During the previous weekend in Žagubica, the Native Museum of Homolje under the sponsorship of the local government held the second expert meeting about archeology, history, and bibliography. The assembly served as a proper method and a great opportunity to pay attention to certain themes that have not been much taken into consideration so far. These themes are of great importance for Homolje because they consider a wide range of history from the earliest days.

The lecturers, the archaeologists, the ethnologists, the historians, and all those who engage in exploring the territory of Homolje, as well as the representatives of the local government, were greeted at the beginning by the Museum’s director, Saša Ilić, who was the one explaining the lecture schedule to them.

Then the head of the municipal administration, Smederevka Buckić, expressed her pleasure in attending a gathering about closely related themes that are very important for the entire Homolje. In the name of the local government of Žagubica, she expressed her wishes about a successful and fruitful work to the dear guests and hosts.

On the 28th of April when the second expert meeting took place, it was indicated that there are many regions on the territory of Homolje which have not been sufficiently explored, that Homolje has a rich history and that this area is intriguing for the new explorers who have just started their scientific work.  

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