The story of childhood and children’s toys according to the concept of Suzana Antić, an ethnologist from the National Museum in Zaječar, was realized by the museum experts of various profiles (archeologists, art historians, and ethnologists), starting from their point of view which resulted with a joint exhibition called My Dear – Children’s Toys from Prehistory until Today.

Collaborating with Art District and the Yugoslav Youth Association against AIDS from Požarevac, we organized for our visitors an exhibition entitled Instagram photos #culturefortheyouth on the 18th of May, as part of the manifestation called “The Night of Museums”.

Desanka Stanojević was born in 1956, in Smederevska palanka. In 1978, she graduated from the Higher Pedagogical School in Belgrade, being in the class of Professors Slobodan Sotirov and Milun Mitrović.

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