The project “Raising awareness about the importance of the archaeological heritage”, financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information, was presented in Žagubica. This project is organized by the Serbian Archaeological Society and its chairman Ph.D. Adam Crnobrnja with the aim to raise awareness about the significance of the archaeological legacy, and to inform about the regulations and procedures, international conventions and legislation for the protection, preservation and promotion of the archaeological heritage.

On the 15th of November in 2017, a teacher Zvonimirka Jovičić held a double class for a combined school class of fourth-graders according to the principle of horizontal-vertical integration. It is about the school subject called ‘The world around us’ or ‘Nature and society’ and another school subject ‘The National tradition’. The double class was outside the classroom in the presence of her colleagues and the school principal. Most of the time of the class they spent working in the Native Museum in Žagubica.

The visitors will have the opportunity to see the ethnological exhibition in the Museum for a whole year. The exhibition’s author is ethnologist Danica Đokić. The exhibition displays the following: the residential architecture; the dishes which were once used; the food that could be produced in Homolje back then; the segment of the traditional economy; sheep breeding and keeping; the elements of the old Serbian national clothes where we managed to preserve “trvelj” (a medieval headband) and the archaic national clothes for Vlach women where aprons with thrums are the most striking detail. Furthermore, the exhibition also displays the motifs of “slava” (a Serbian Orthodox tradition of glorifying a saint that represents the guardian of a family which annually prepares a celebration on the saint’s feast day), and of the economy, more precisely crafts and catering, that turned Žagubica into a small town and influenced the forming of the bazaar.

The Native Museum of Homolje on the territory of Žagubica organized numerous ongoing activities that deal with activating the existing archaeological finds and those yet to be discovered, which would lead, according to the scientific and tourism aspects, to an absolute positioning of this destination. The research is being conducted according to the historical and archaeological aspects, under the patronage of the National Museum from Požarevac.

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