The assembly session in Žagubica was held on Monday, the 12th of June, in the presence of 12 councilors. The head of the session was the president of the municipal assembly, Olivera Pauljeskić. Besides the councilors, the session was attended by the municipal president Safet Pavlović, the vice president Predrag Ivković, the head of the municipal administration Smederevka Buckić, and the directors of public companies and institutions of the Municipalities of Žagubica and Petrovac na Mlavi.

Safet Pavlović, the president of Žagubica Municipality, along with his closest associates, heartily welcomed and hosted in his cabinet the descendants of a national hero from Laznica, Jovan Šerbanović – Jovan and Slobodan, the sons of his brother Paun. The reason for visiting Žagubica was the act of signing the treaty on the legacy of Jovan Šerbanović, which was even discussed during the formal reception. Other discussed themes were arranging cultural monuments, including the birth house of Šerbanović, and preserving cultural values from oblivion since they are priceless.

In Belgrade, on Tuesday the 11th of April, a protocol on cooperation was signed by the descendants of the national hero from Laznica, Jovan and Slobodan, and the president of Municipality of Žagubica, Safet Pavlović. During the following days, they will even sign the treaty which will make the house of the most prominent person from this area an official memorial, namely, the most important cultural and historical monument from the national liberation war that will be available to the public and tourist exploitation. This act also represents a step further to reviving this area and representing it in a proper way.

The session about the archaeological heritage was held in the hall of the beekeeping center in Žagubica. The eminent experts spoke about the general and historical representation of Homolje, its antique and archaeological heritage, the roads in medieval times, and both the medieval and early Byzantine sites on the territory of Žagubica.

The Association of Fine Artists of Homolje made an effort to create a special atmosphere in regard to exhibitions for the tourists who visited the 14th convocation “The Homolje Well”. Thereupon, they organized the first individual exhibition by Marija Aleksić from Niš on Thursday, the 23rd of June. Her exhibition was opened with a song by Vladimir Čenaković and Kristina Popović, after which the author addressed the guests and welcomed them with a speech.

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