The exhibition by Snežica Nikolić in Žagubica

The exhibition by Snežica Nikolić from Suvi Do was opened on Thursday the 8th of March, in the gallery of the fine artists of Homolje in Žagubica.

The author pointed out that everything that is characteristic of her work was represented in her paintings which were created years ago, even more than a decade. She expressed her special gratitude to those who helped her to actualize her idea of the realization of her first individual exhibition.

The exhibition was opened by Marija Aleksić, a graduate painter and a member of AFAH. She emphasized the presence of several motifs in the paintings, namely strength, sensitivity, and creativity.

The exhibition by Snežica Nikolić - Sneki will be open until the 19th of March. Visitors can see the paintings every weekday from 7 am to 3 pm, in the gallery of AFAH.

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