"Oh, Homolje, I carry you in my heart"

The Association of Fine Artists of Homolje opened the exhibition by Petar Paunović Pekos, a poet and a painter from Žagubica.

The exhibition was attended by the assistant to the president of Žagubica Municipality, Dušan Milosavljević, the painters from Homolje, and art lovers. The gathering was welcomed by the chairman of the Association of Fine Artists of Homolje, Janko Lalić, who spoke about the creativity of the author of the exhibited works.

The painting exhibition was opened under the name Oh, Homolje, I carry you in my heart. This will also be the title of the first collection of poems by Petar Paunović.

Marija Aleksić, a member of the Association, opened the exhibition. The visitors will have the opportunity to see this exhibition in the gallery of the fine artists in Žagubica during the upcoming holidays.

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