The exhibition "The Galloping Horses"

The exhibition The Galloping Horses, which was opened in the gallery of the fine artists of Homolje in Žagubica, consisted of 20 paintings of both larger and smaller formats.

Milenko Bujiša, the author of the exhibition from Sombor, pointed out the significance of the exhibition and expressed his impressions of Homolje. Further, he mentioned that the cooperation with the artists from Žagubica is extremely satisfactory.

Marija Aleksić, a graduate painter, welcomed Milenko Bujiša in front of the Association of Fine Artists of Homolje and mentioned that the visitors can have an insight into the layered content with motifs of the noblest animals in motion and fights.

The exhibited works indicate the unity of the spiritual atmosphere. Moreover, they indicate the creative power of the author where he, with the help of his thoughtfulness and sensitivity, meaningfully expresses the property of the material tissue of the image and full creative maturity.


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